Interaction Should be Distraction Free

The complex problems that we face often have many parts and require a distraction-free environment to grasp fully. Working on such issues with a great deal of focus can lead to some of the happiest and most productive moments in a person's life. By minimizing internal and external distractions, you create an environment where you can regularly experience an optimal level of focus.

When everyone on a team can complete a task without interruption, magic happens. The shared experience of productivity is powerful for enabling personal happiness and promoting highly efficient and effective teams. One way that a team can limit external distractions is to have planned times for feedback and interaction and planned times for focus. Encouraging everyone on a team to use a time-boxing approach such as the Pomodoro Technique and respect each person's focused time will create a positive and productive environment.

While you can work hard to promote peace of mind for you and your team, you enter their whirlwind of activity when you interact with customers. Surviving this whirlwind with your peace of mind intact is easier if you keep these things in mind:
  • Customers expect your undivided attention even when they are distracted.
  • Customers expect you to value their time and not waste it.
  • Customers stay focused on an informative message when it is delivered at an appropriate time.

Regardless of the situation, everyone appreciates distraction free interaction.

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