Always Know How Things are Going

There is peace in knowing where we are going and how we are getting there. Feedback is an integral part of the journey, and it is vital for feedback to be at the appropriate level for the task at hand. Feedback is especially valuable because it lets us know if we are staying on track towards our set goals. Feedback helps create order and helps us feel more confident in our journey.

Customers expect feedback; they want to know how things are going. Without timely, informative feedback, people may feel anxious and worry about the performance of the team, product, or service. Thus, observation and feedback provide vital pieces of information that promote peace of mind.

In a team setting, a services industry, or any work setting in which quality depends on the functioning of systems, it is much easier to diagnose and respond quickly to problems within a process. The sooner you can identify a failure within a function, you can adjust quickly as needed. A key to diagnosing problems within a process or system is knowing how things are going.

Clients expect transparency and clarity in communication. They expect to be updated on status at appropriate times. While they want certainty regarding the outcome of a project, clear communication at regular intervals improves the trust clients have in you and your team.

Without solid understanding, people tend to tell themselves stories to fill in the gap. These stories can lead to distraction. You and your team can minimize the distractions related to the unknown by providing relevant, regular feedback.

In a team environment, it is critical to know the capacity for work and the current expectations relative to its ability. The feedback is only understood relative to the capacity of the process, and setting expectations with others must be put in this context.

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